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Advertise your business here on Tech Titan's web site. Contact Amy Alexander for options and pricing at 972-792-2862 or amy@techtitans.org.

Click the links below to learn more about our advertising options:

LinkedIn group, Tech Titans Connections

TechTitansConnectionfinalThe Tech Titans Connection LinkedIn group is open, though postings will only be approved for members. If you think you have a topic that would be of interest to the membership, you can post to the LinkedIn group Tech Titans Connection. Items must be submitted for approval, and will be declined if they are strictly promotional for your company or for an organization that is an Tech Titans competitor.

Click here to access the group.

Tech Titans weekly email calendar

1111Articles and member news may be placed in the newsletters, and are subject to editing and available space. Advertising in the Tech Titans weekly email calendar may be placed for $150 per week ($100 for members). Ads include a logo and up to 25 words, subject to Tech Titans staff editing. Ads, unfortunately, won't be sent for review, though will be rerun for free in case of any Tech Titans errors. Camera ready jpgs may also be sent. Aim for a horizontal ad, around 460w x 60h size. Send submissions to Amy Alexander at amy@techtitans.org.

Banner Advertisements

Advertise your business using banners, which are used throughout Tech Titans's website.  There are the main areas where your banner placement will be added to:
  • Main Business Directory Search page
  • Particular Business categories
  • Other miscellaneous pages (Hot Deals, Events, etc)
Pricing starts at $200 per month($150 if you're a member) for your banner ad to be placed across the website. For an additional $50, we will create your banner for your organization (includes logo, 25 character limit, and one review).  If you would like to create a banner yourself, the default size for the banners will be 460w x 60h.

Contact Amy Alexander at amy@techtitans.org for more information.

Example of Banner Ad:


Guest writer

While the weekly calendar is reserved for Tech Titans events only, articles and member news may be placed in the newsletters subject to space and editing. Visit our Guest Writer page for details at http://techtitans.org/pages/GuestWriter.

Tech Titans weekly Tech Insights newsletter

To advertise in the weekly Tech Titans newsletter, Tech Insights, please access the media kit online at http://mk.multibriefs.com/MediaKit/Pricing/mtbc.

Enhanced Member Listing

Upload your enhanced profile information onto your organizations web site and stand out from the crowd in your business categories, in search results and as a community leader. A few of the benefits as follows:

  • Priority placement in your business categories
  • Search results description, logo, and website link
  • Unlimited search keywords, 5 highlights with linked text
  • Large 1600 character description, logo, map link, social networks
  • Up to 15 photos, and link to YouTube videos
  • Clean mobile friendly version of enhanced profiles
Your business directory information is search engine optimized, so the better your content, the better your overall internet search results.

An enhanced directory listing costs $50/year. Contact Amy Alexander to set up.


Logging on: Tech Titans website calendar and job postings

Tech Titans members may submit up to 3 events per year to Tech Titans online calendar on the home page. Non-Tech Titans events are noted with an asterisk (*) and are subject to Tech Titans staff editing and approval. Events that conflict with Tech Titans events will not be approved. Email Amy Alexander at amy@techtitans.org to check on the status of your submission. For instructions on how to create your own event online, see below.

How to create your own event for the Tech Titans website calendar

1. Login to your account. Make sure you are the primary rep by checking for all the menu options. If you have less than 8 options at the top of the screen (as below), you are not the primary representative for your company. To correct this issue, please contact admin@techtitans.org.

2. If you are the primary rep, select the “Event” option from the menu, or job postings in the left column.


3. In the new screen (below), click on the blue “Add an Event” button in the top left corner. 

4. Fill out the information for your event, including a title, date and time. Some examples of other information you may include are:

  • Fee information
  • Contact email
  • Event website
  • Photos and images (including logo)
  • YouTube video
  • Google maps location

5. You may save your event as a draft or submit your event for approval by clicking the “Submit for Approval” button (below). All events must be approved by a staff member before they will be posted.


6. A new screen will appear confirming that your submission was successful. To check on the status of your submission, contact Amy Alexander at amy@techtitans.org or 972-792-2862.