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Annual report

Click here to download a PDF copy of the 2016 Annual Report.
  TT AR 16 cover page

 A note from the Chairman of the Board

At Tech Titans, we believe that if you have a vision, people of like minds will gather to you. In the year since our new brand was introduced, Tech Titans has embraced a new vision that incorporated our enthusiasm and determination to influence the world with technology. Thanks to Kent Novak’s leadership during the two previous years, we have a strong foundation, which we continue to build upon today. Our greatest source of encouragement and energy has been you, our valued members.

The technology community of North Texas is on a trajectory to be one of the top in the US*, attracting innovative companies throughout the world to this hotbed of talent and ideas. Our innovation team recently planned and conducted a “reverse pitch” program where major companies in the DFW area presented their innovation technology interests so that our area entrepreneurs could explore ways they could use their own ideas to play in these emerging areas, particularly IoT. Going forward, we plan to conduct a pitch day for Tech Titans award finalists to present their solutions to the corporate M&A groups with an interest.

But our work at Tech Titans has been about not just the technology industry of today, but the future as well. To that end, we continue to promote education and awareness about STEM career opportunities to impact DFW-area junior and senior high school students. Just one of our 2017 Texas legislative agenda goals will be to increase value in STEM policy and initiatives, and we are exploring the creation of a platform for area universities and major area technology companies to collaborate on tech innovation initiatives here in North Texas.

We are never short of ideas in the Tech Titans community. Thanks to your input and drive, three new special interest forums launching in 2016 to help you engage with each other more, including an effort in Ft. Worth. We also work to boost Tech Titans award nominations each year so more of the great work done in North Texas today is recognized.
There is so much to look forward to in the coming years, and it’s all because you bring life to our thriving technology sector in North Texas. Thank you for helping DFW embrace the future.

Krish Prabhu
Chairman of the Board
Chief Technology Officer