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Tech Titans' efforts to help STEM

Growth, sustainability and innovation in the technology industry are all highly dependent on talent. There continues to be a declining number of students pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). High tech companies are anticipating a shortfall of workers by as much as 40 percent to fill jobs they want to create down the road.


The primary objective of Tech Titans in STEM education is to facilitate the technology community's sustainable impact on building an emerging workforce through strategies that enhance STEM education.

The four strategic priorities of the Tech Titans Talent Team are:

Connections - Establishing relationships and connections with ISDs for volunteerism by STEM professionals

  • Pathways - Defining pathways to careers that involve STEM as a foundation (16 Federal Industry Clusters).

Marketing - Developing a marketing strategy for STEM that can be adopted by ISDs, Higher Ed and Industry.

Advocacy – Building coalitions with legislators, educators and industry that advance STEM Education.

For more information about the Tech Titans STEM initiatives, or to volunteer or join the Tech Titans STEM Team, e-mail Lynn Mortensen or call 714-872-7910

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