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Hear from Tech Titans member MicroTransponder:


Marianne Strobel

"North Texas is booming with companies that are new, innovative and leading in technology. Who needs the Silicon Valley when you have Tech Titans right here in North Dallas who has these amazing companies as members! As a new member of Tech Titans, I interact with amazing leaders from these companies  see up close what these companies produce. I love being a Tech Titan.”

Chase Tarkenton, Cisco Systems:
"I attended the Tech Series speaker event for Tech Titans today with a customer. The event was a class act and my customer found it to be extremely insightful. After attending today I can attest that bringing customers to these speaker events will prove beneficial to our Metroplex sales force. It without a doubt strengthens relationships, expands the conversation around Web 2.0, and makes us more of a trusted advisor."

Rusty Cone
"Tech Titans has provided both the connections to business leaders and business prospects that we could not otherwise have gained, and more importantly allowed me the opportunity to influence the metroplex through the larger megaphone that Tech Titans provides. Our work on talent, innovation, advocacy and branding of the region not only directly helps my company as a employer, but helps Texas and the US to be more competitive in the increasingly global marketplace. My affiliation with Tech Titans has given me more strength as a business leader, connected me to inspiring leaders from which to learn from, and provided a giving medium to assure our regions long term success."

Paul Klocek
"Tech Titans is helping to create an outstanding business community. The many well-networked forums and broad member inclusion are driving a very exciting and enriching business environment. Whether an entrepreneur, startup or large corporation, Tech Titans is where you want to be."

George Brody, Co-Founder, GlobeRanger Corporation:
"Tech Titans is more than just a collection of the largest high-tech corporations in Dallas. Tech Titans is a mechanism to bring small, cutting-edge startups face-to-face with global industry leaders; a network of introductions, interactions, and conversations which stimulate business relationships and personal partnerships; a forum for a series of knowledge-sharing events that communicate ideas, trends, data and informed insights among CEOs, CFOs, executives and professionals in key business function and targeted technology areas; as well as an umbrella organization fostering the growth of aggressive high-technology companies in the Telecom Corridor area, the Metroplex and North Texas. All of this makes my Tech Titans membership and participation not only worthwhile, but also valuable personally and professionally."

Pete Bausbacher, President, ProtoLink, Inc.:
"My software development company, ProtoLink, Inc., has reaped tremendous benefits from relationships established at Tech Titans committee meetings and membership events. In addition, I have personally learned a great deal from the diverse collection of individuals who comprise Tech Titans."

Anu Venkitaraman, President, Re/Think Marketing LLC:
"A dynamic member organization is one that not only gives value but also offers multiple avenues for member engagement. Tech Titans does both. I've had the opportunity to connect with outstanding professionals and companies through events, as well as collaborate with my peers on causes and programs that are very important to me and the community."

Joey Seeber, President & CEO, Level 2 Review
Level 2 Review, a Tyler-based electronic document review company for clients in legal disputes, received a call about a major project that would require them to accelerate their expansion plans and open a new office in Richardson in only ten days. Even though AT&T previously occupied the new building, Level 2 Review’s president and CEO, Joey Seeber, couldn’t get them to budge from a minimum of 30 days to connect. Referred by the Richardson Economic Development Partnership, “…Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC) said they could get it done on the first phone call.” The closest TWCBC fiber plant was across the street, “…and in a matter of days they tunneled under the street to get fiber to our space so we could open our doors to the Dallas market.” It’s refreshing to hear the story of a business communications provider that goes the extra mile in customer service, especially when that extra mile pays off by tripling the company’s capacity.