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Teams/Volunteer opportunities

People make our organization successful. Your leadership in Tech Titans is needed and appreciated. Please check the areas that interest you:

Programs Team
Selects speakers, promotes and hosts the monthly Tech Industry Luncheon programs focusing on technical applications and business trends in the high technology field.

Staff Advisors: Paul Bendel

Committee Meeting Time: 4th Friday of each month, excluding November and December

Event Date: 3rd Friday of each month

Advocacy Team

Reviews and develops Tech Titans positions on technology issues, tax laws and pending legislation that will affect the high tech industry.

Staff Advisors: Bill Sproull and Molly Ulmer

Committee Meeting Time: 2nd Thursday each month at 4 PM

Innovation Team

Works to improve and encourage high-tech entrepreneurship, innovation and commercialization within DFW. The team holds bi-monthly meetings to discuss the latest high-tech industry topics, and develops programs to match technology needs of major local companies with solutions by small tech companies, university researcher and tech entrepreneurs.

Staff Advisors: Mike Skelton

Meeting Time: Bi-monthly - 3rd Thursday at 11:30 - 1 pm beginning in February

Talent Team

Facilitates the technology busienss community's sustainable impact on building an emerging workforce through strategies that enhance STEM education.

Staff Advisor: Kim Quirk

Volunteer chair: Bob Hill

Committee Meeting Time: 3rd Thursday, 7:30 am

Tech Titans Awards Gala Committee

Plans the annual technology awards program for the Metroplex that recognizes and honors technology leaders and companies for their outstanding achievements, innovations, and leadership, and raises money for scholarships and grants.

Staff Advisor: Paul Bendel

Committee Meeting Time: 3rd Thursday at 4 pm


Golf Committee

Produces a prestigious golf tournament that provides members the opportunity to expand their networking over an enjoyable round of golf.

Staff Advisors: Paul Bendel

Meeting Time: 3rd Wednesday at 11:30am


Business Intelligence/Analytics Forum

Brings together functional and technical experts to advance the knowledge and understanding of how data is used, identify solutions and encourage the growth of the business intelligence and analytics community in North Texas

Staff Advisors: Paul Bendel 

Volunteer chair: Lori Adams

Meeting Time: 4th Thursday at 11:30am

Internet of Things Forum

Connects companies, people and ideas to encourage the development, knowledge creation, identification of solutions and promotion of Internet of Things, highlight current trends and shape future IoT trends.

Staff Advisor: Paul Bendel

Meeting Time: 3rd Thursday at 8 am

Cloud Forum

This Forum will focus attention on datacenter issues and technologies.

Staff Advisors: John Jacobs

Event Date: Quarterly

Design & Manufacturing Forum

Targets multiple industry sectors including military, medical, industrial and telecom and focuses programs on design, manufacturing, emerging technologies, electronics, plastics and metal fabrication.

Staff advisor: John Jacobs

Volunteer chair: Gary Tanel 

Events: quarterly

Health Technology Forum

Connects companies and encourages the development, knowledge creation, identification of solutions, and promotion of technologies focused on health outcomes to highlight the current trends and shape future trends for the Dallas ecosystem and the State of Texas generally.

Staff advisor: Paul Bendel

Cybersecurity Forum

A community that will educate its members through insight and knowledge about key issues in information security and risk management.

Staff advisor: Drew Snow

Events: Quarterly


Drone Technology Forum

Connects technology users and commercial providers to advance business and commercial use in a multitude of industries: insurance, commercial real estate, construction, engineering, energy, infrastructure, inspection, survey and GIS mapping

Staff advisor: John Jacobs

Volunteer chair: Rebecca Poynter